4 Things You Must Carry With You When You Go To Capture A Wedding

Couples look to the Wedding Photographer to make the special moments of their special day last for a lifetime. Thus, it is the job of the photographer to use his/her creativity, skill, and experience to capture some truly wonderful shots. However, capturing these shots might not be all too easy. You might have to climb up ladders or go out into the fields in order to get that perfect shot. To this end, it is always wise to carry some essential things with you when you go for a wedding shoot. Let’s take a look at 4 of these.

A Blanket:

A lot of times, you might have to take the couple to an isolated field to capture some exquisite outdoor shots. As long as they are standing, this is all fine but if you want them seated or lying on the floor for some beautiful poses, you will be in trouble. No bride will ever want to sit on the bare ground and spoil her glorious wedding dress. This is where a good old blanket can come in very handy. You can quickly lay it and ask the couple to sit or lie down on it while you shoot them in all their beauty. They will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

A Tripod:

You might need to be agile and quick as a fox during a wedding, hopping from one place to the next while clicking away but there will be times when you will need to rest those tired hands of yours. That’s when a tripod can be a lifesaver. Be sure to carry a one that can be mounted on any location and can go higher than the tallest person. This will come in handy for excellent shots looking down at the events from the top.

White Umbrellas:

You never know when the opportunity might present for using a white umbrella during a wedding, but it most certainly does at some point. They make great props and can be used to shoot amazing photos in both daylight and at night. The white umbrellas can also be used to create amazing shadows at night during the party that the couple will absolutely love.


There’s going to be food at the wedding but sometimes it would seem inappropriate for you to be eating along with the other guests. Be sure to carry your own food and eat it in private. The best place for this would be in your own parked car.

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