My Room Is Filled With Toads and Snakes

by Adrienne Foster Potter

Copyright@ April 2001,  All rights reserved

(for Joshua Larsen)

My room is filled with toads and snakes

And things that give my sis the shakes.

On my ceiling there's a spider

Which she's sure will come and bite 'er.

On my curtains there's a cricket.

That is where I like to stick it.

There's a scorpion on my dresser--

Made my Aunt Sue faint, God bless 'er.

In my drawer you'll find a lizard

Grandma saw, and popped her gizzard.

There's a snail inside my closet.

I can make it go or pause it.

There's a slug there on my bookcase.

It and snail can have a footrace.

There's a froggy in my slipper

And he's looking rather chipper.

Inside my toybox there's a mouse

Who feels it makes a perfect house.

And in my castle there's a rat.

(At least I think that's where he's at.)


My mom almost blew a gasket

Til she saw that some are plastic,

And my sis will cry and blubber

Til she sees the rest are rubber.

So my buddies are these critters

Which can scare my babysitters.

And all of them are my best friends, 

So that is how my story ends.  

(And why do boys love all these things, with legs and scales and claws and wings, while girls love buds and butterflies?  Whoever knows is very wise.)



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