Butterfly, Butterfly

by Adrienne Potter

copyright Oct. 2000, All rights reserved

Butterfly, butterfly, better fly away!

Butterfly better not stay today!

Butterfly better not play today!

Please come back another day.


Butterfly, butterfly flutters in the breeze

and gently lands on a friendly flower.

She tickles its tummy, as it smiles.

Then she gives it a pollen shower.


Butterfly, butterfly flutters in the sun

and gracefully flits its wings.

A small bee begins to buzz nearby

and a bluebird steadily sings.


A bluebonnet beckons to her with its leaves;

And so the butterfly gently lands

A secret is whispered in her ear

Through petals cupped like little hands.



"Butterfly, butterfly, better fly away!

Butterfly, fly underneath a tree

A big wind is blowing here today!

There you'll be very safe and free!"



Butterfly flies toward a very tall tree.

The big wind howls around and around.

She finds a hole near the roots you see.

Butterfly is safe in the ground.

When the storm is over, the sun starts to shine.

The butterfly gently fans its wings.

The bees buzz and everything is fine.

And a bluebird steadily sings.

the end

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