Top Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To Kim Dao’s YouTube Channel

Kim Dao is a blogger and a YouTuber, currently living in Japan. She is passionate about travel, makeup, and fashion, and regularly publishes videos on her YouTube channel.

But why should you be a one among the half a million subscribers? Read on to know more.

Virtual Tour Of Japan

Kim Dao first visited Japan in the year 2011 and started a blog to document her visit. The posts soon captured the interest of many readers. Seeing the potential in her posts, she soon started publishing videos on her YouTube channel. A cheerful and engaging communicator, she captures in her videos the essence of her experiences in and around the country, and sometimes Korea too. If Japan is on your list of Places to Visit, then you must check out her videos and vlogs to get a first-hand impression of what the country looks like!

Japanese And Korean Makeup Tutorials

Kim Dao has a dedicated playlist for Japanese and Korean makeup tutorials where she not only demonstrates how to do an Asian makeup but also suggests beauty tips and skincare routines. Every so often, she also posts videos of her makeup shopping hauls and product reviews.

Hair and Nail Tutorials

If makeup doesn’t catch your attention then maybe nail and hair care tutorials will! Much like her playlist for makeup, this one includes tutorials for hairdos and of course tips for better hair care too. She has a list of top 10 Japanese hair products that you might want to watch. Or you could get your inspiration for your next nail art from her playlist for nails.

Fashion And Makeup Hauls!

Kim Dao has an entire playlist just for her Japanese and Korean shopping hauls. If you are keen on knowing what products she uses and where she buys them from, then that playlist is where you should be heading to right now. Her videos are absolutely a virtual experience for all shopaholics out there!

And Much More…

Kim Dao loves to interact with her audience and hence, you are sure to come across videos where she answers questions that her followers ask on her social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Listen to her talk about why she decided to learn Japanese or her scary experiences in Japan or any of the other questions she picked to answer. If you’d like to know more about her, she has listed out 50 random facts about Kim Dao.