CHILD SLAVERY People Who Care:Hit Counter

Most boys and girls are lucky.  They live with their mothers and fathers and their brothers and sisters.  They go to school.  They have time to play.

Many other boys and girls are not so lucky.

Every year thousands of boys and girls are taken away from their mothers and fathers and their brothers and sisters.

They are taken by gangsters.

The gangsters take them from school.  They take them while they are playing football.  They take them when they are playing.

Many never see their mother and father or brothers and sisters again!

Their fathers come looking for them but they rarely ever find them.

If they do find them, the big boss of the gangsters sends his men to beat up or kill the child's father.

What does the big boss and his men do to the boy or girl?

They start a lifetime of hard labor in the factories, fields and dingy workshops of Asia, Africa and South America.

These children are the most vulnerable to cruel, harsh and systematic exploitation.

It grinds down their hope.

It denies them their childhood.

How can you help?

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