The Christmas Wish

written and illustrated by Adrienne Potter

Christmas time is coming soon and all the little girls and boys

Try to be their very best so Santa will bring lots of toys.


Sparkling lights are everywhere and Christmas music fills the air.

Did you see your mother give some money to that old man there?


Christmas is a time for love, time for wishing, time for giving

Gifts that make the children smile  help the people go on living.


Did you make your Mom a present?  Did you do the same for Dad?

Things you make will make them happy.  Does it make you feel so glad?


If you made a special wish to give to people everywhere

Would your wish be something pretty, something common, something rare?


What would be the thing you wish for?  What would be the thing you’d choose?

Something everyone could look at?  Something everyone could use?


Would you wish for love and peace to fill the earth and fill your heart?

Would you wish for friends to come together who are now apart?

May your wish be very special, may it help your hope renew;

Often what you wish for others is a wish come true for you. 

The End

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