Written and Illustrated by Adrienne Foster Potter


Once there was a little mouse named Fred

Who wanted to paint his mouse-house red.

All the little critters came and said,

"Oh please don't paint your mouse-house red, Fred!

If you do then you could lose your bed!

Some big, old kitty might see that red

And come on over and take your bed!"


Fred whispered to them with fearful dread,

"Don't want that kitty to take my bed!

I like my bed!" that little mouse said.

The animals said to their friend Fred,

"We sure don't want you to lose that bed."

So they got together and they said,

"We'll help you plant red flowers instead!"


They tilled the dirt where the critters tread,

Where many of them were born and bred

And planted seeds behind and ahead.

They covered Fred's house with flowers red

Round and round the animals sped.

Fred gave them all some jam and bread

Then they all went home and went to bed!

The End

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