www.wiredsafety.org: The web's oldest child safety site--it has been online one year longer than kidsread.net.  You can report cyber fraud and bullying as well as child porn at this site.

kids.net.au: Australia's best website for kids

Science, Optics, and You: An amazing science site that zooms you from outer space down to the smallest particles.  Great photos and graphics.

Children of the Moon: A web site for special kids who have XP (Xeroderma Pigmentosa), a disease that requires them to stay out of sunlight. Offers games, animals, and other fun stuff. Click here to learn more about XP.

Lost Heroines: Tells the stories of great women who have been passed over by historians (age 10-14).

Cyberkids: Stories, games, art, and other fun stuff for kids up to age 12.

White Water River Trips: Photos of beautiful rivers, stories, and information about white-water river rafting in Alaska.

Beautiful Photos from Outer Space: A selection of spectacular images from Hubble Space Telescope, including unprecedented pictures of celestial objects.  Kids and parents will love these.


Collage made from space photos

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