written and illustrated by Adrienne Potter

Here you see a teeny dot—it’s a teeny tiny dot. l

You can clearly see the dot but inside it you cannot.

If you could see inside the dot, according to the rules,

Inside you’d see a lot of teeny tiny molecules. 


What’s inside the molecules? – they’re teeny tiny atoms,

Some of which are skinny ones and some of which are fat ones.

What’s inside the atom? -- well, the neutron and the proton, 

Which are all so small that they were never meant to float on.


Buzzing all around them is the very small electron.

He’s so itsy bitsy that he’s always getting stepped on.

And right next to him there is a thing that is so teeny,

That if you want to see it, then you would need a genie.


Inside  The Atom

(Electrons dance all around the protons and neutrons like crazy little zombies!)

What’s the teeny tiny thing you find with the electron?

If you have your doubts well this is something you can check on.

Not a lot of people know but this is something we know:

He is hardly there at all, and what is he?--Neutrino!


The Great Neutrino 


And there may even be another thing that we can't see;

A little guy so tiny we can't prove if he can be.

The itsy bitsy guy has got a name that rhymes with dork.

It isn’t cork, or fork, or pork.  So what is it? A quark!

I, Quark

To be or not to be...

Everything you’ll ever see, from specks of dirt to mountains,

Balls and bats and cats and hats, and water drops in fountains,

They all are made of little things too small for you to see,

And all these little things are even inside you and me!

The End

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Copyright @2001 by Adrienne Foster Potter

All rights reserved for story and illustrations.