written and illustrated by Adrienne Potter

Copyright @ Sept. 2004 by Adrienne Potter

All rights reserved.  May be copied for classroom use.


In a great big ocean lived a tiny little shark.

He wasn’t big or black or grey.  He wasn’t even dark.

His fins were kind of orangy-pink, His scales were pinkish-yellow,

He wasn’t very scary—he was really kind of mellow. 


He didn’t like the kind of food that other sharks would eat.

He never ate a snail or eel or any kind of meat.

His aunty tried to make him eat a fish they called a Parrot.

But Renny closed his mouth up tight and went and chewed a carrot.


Once his buddies found him sound asleep and played a joke;

And stuffed some shrimp inside his mouth, but Uh Oh! Up he woke!

He coughed and choked and spit them out and went and rinsed his mouth;

And chased his friends up turns and bends until they all ran south.


His sisters asked if he would eat a flounder-filled fillet;

But Renny shook his head quite hard and hurried out to play.

His granny asked if he would eat a yummy salmon patty;

He made a face and told her no, and then she called him bratty.


And so they asked him every day the same old boring questions.

But Renny knew what Renny liked.  He didn’t need suggestions.

And when the schools of fish swam by their teacher would remark,

“There goes Rainbow Renny, the veggy-eating shark!”


Then one day a great white shark was moving through the water;

He sneaked right up on Granny, and in his mouth he caught her.

“My oh my!” They heard her cry but no one near could save 'er.

The situation quickly grew from deeply grave to graver.


Now Renny ate his veggies regularly every day;

And he was now the fastest fish in almost every way.

He was very tiny, but he was also smart and strong

And Renny felt that grandma-eating sharks were very wrong.


And so he gathered all his strength and focused on his mark

Then faster than a bullet shot straight at the great white shark;

And quicker than a rocket, Renny slammed into his eye.

Mr. White screamed out in pain and then began to cry.



Out popped Granny from his mouth and quickly swam away,

And all the fish who saw the rescue shouted out “Hooray!”

Then Granny went and baked a great big vegetable soufflé

Which was so good that everyone remembers it today.


So Rennie munches broccoli and carrots, peas and corn.

And that’s the way he’s eaten since the day that he was born.

Now when the schools of fish swim by their teacher will remark,

“There goes Rainbow Renny, the veggy-eating shark!”


The End


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Note: A Rainbow shark is an actual miniature shark that does not eat live meat.


Big new words on this page:

Ichthyologist: A person who studies fishes

Rainbow shark: A miniature shark that does not eat live meat.

Flounder: A type of fish

Fillet: A fish steak

Souffle: A dish made with eggs and other foods mixed in, like fish.

Suggestion: An idea someone tells to another person


Photos of real meat-eating sharks:



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Note from the author: This story was written and posted without a link before the movie "A Shark's Tale" was created.  After the illustrations were finished the link was also posted.  Any similarities to the movie are (heh heh) "coincidental." Even though there was no link any web expert  interested in the website has access to the file.