Raindrops, Raindrops

(for age 2-5)

By Adrienne Foster Potter

Raindrops, raindrops

Gently falling

On the leaves

and on the ground,

Little flowers

softly calling,

With their petals

All around.

All the pretty

Plants and flowers

Need the water

So they'll grow...

Need the drops of

April showers

In the sky to

Fall below.

Tiny flowers,

Bud and blossom

Softly call for

Rain to come.

Bushes, trees, so

Tall and awesome

Send their message

To the Sun.

Sun tells rain clouds

"Come and get me!"

So they blow across

His rays.

Mr. Sun says,

"You can't wet me

Even if it

Rains for days."

So the Sun says

as he teases

Windy stormclouds

In the sky.

Raindrops fall through

gentle breezes.

Bigger storms

Are moving high.

Soon the thunder

Rumble grumbles,

Then the lightening

Reaches down,


Keeping forest

Creatures humble

As it stretches

To the ground.

But it cannot reach

The flowers

Hiding safely

In the leaves.


Even with its

Mighty powers

It can't get them

Through the trees.

Soon the storm is

Out of water.

As the quiet

Forest rests.

Then the trees and

Plants and bushes

Say good-bye to

Water guests.

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