Wicky Wacky Womper-A

(This is a fun way to teach pre-schoolers and kindergartners the vowels and vowel sounds with rhyme and hand motions.)

by Adrienne Foster Potter

Copyright@ March 2001 by Adrienne Potter- All rights reserved. Teachers may  copy for use in-class.

Wicky Wacky  Womper-A

There’s an ant on me today.

If I flick it far away

Do you think that it will stay? (make flicking motions with thumb, forefinger)


Wicky Wacky  Womper-E

There’s a monkey in my tree.

Maybe there are two or three.

Maybe they will play with me.(scratch armpits & make monkey noises)


Wicky Wacky  Womper-I

There is something in my eye.

It’s a teeny tiny fly.

If it stays there it will die. (put hand over one eye, make other hand fly)


Wicky Wacky  Womper-O

There’s a lizard on my toe!

Oh!  It tickles!  Ho ho ho!

If I wiggle will it go? (point to toe & make wiggle motions & giggle)


Wicky Wacky  Womper-U

There’s a froggy in my shoe.

My oh my!  What will I do?

Maybe it will jump on you! (put pretend froggy on shoe of person next to you)


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